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650nm Soft Red Laser Light Therapy Intranasal Cavity Treatment Rhinitis Medical Device with Full Screen

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    650nm Soft Red Laser Light Therapy Intranasal Cavity Treatment Rhinitis Medical Device with Full Screen
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    Laser Medium

    GaA/ As Semiconductor

    Laser Wavelength


    Laser Output Power


    Laser Operating Voltage

    100-240 V

    Timing Range

    15-45mins for adjustment

    Environment Temperature


    Relative Humidity 


    Atmospheric Pressure


    Power Source Use 

    Lithium battery with capacity of 1000 mAh 


    ISO9001  ISO13485  RoHs  


    one year






    Allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, turbinate hypertrophy and other

    kinds of rhinitis patients and otitis media,sudden deafness, vertigo






                                  More than    200000 rhinitis patients               

                                      CHOOSE US






















































    At home and abroad has more than 200000 rhinitis patients (including more than 20000 patients with otitis media,


    chronic pharyngitis) used our semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus, In our tracking more than 7000 Users,

    more than 90% of the patients symptoms improved markedly, and bid farewell to drug dependence


    Treament Principle 


    GD02-B rhinitis semiconductor treatment instrument is developed based on advanced laser technology to irradiate on the damaged nasal mucosal tissue by harmless 650nm low-level laser to activate and repair mucosal cell, speed local blood circulation, and help to absorb the inflammatory exudation and edema. Fundamentally improve the detoxification capacity, metabolism, anti-allergy capacity of nasal mucosa to cure various of rhinitis. 


    Product display  



    Company Information


    Company owns optical, mechanical, electrical, software, biochemical in areas such as doctor, graduate student, scientific research team of senior engineers and experts and scholars of elite, professional research and production laser therapeutic apparatus



      Huazhong University of

      Science and Technology                 

             Tongren Hospital Affiliated

            Capital Medical University                                                                                    Tongji Medical College medical

                                                                                                                                               institutions cooperation

                    United States Ansllp medical group



















































    Wuhan opti-moxibustion international co,ltd. adopts international advanced laser technology with traditional medical method,by a laser, m.d., Ph.D., marin after years of research, and with the United States Ansllp medical group, tongren hospital affiliated capital medical university, huazhong university of science and technology, tongji medical college medical institutions, such as cooperation, developed with international health standards of semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus.








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