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Laser Protection Safety Glasses Welding Glasses Protective Goggles Eye Wear Adjustable Work Lightproof Glasses

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    Laser Protection Safety Glasses Welding Glasses Protective Goggles Eye Wear Adjustable Work Lightproof Glasses

    Photon (IPL) safety glasses are a highly effective and safe protective goggles for PC materials and light absorbing materials (special rare-metal compound nanomaterials). Its optical safety can completely meet the European standard EN207A1 2002. IPL safety glasses are aimed at strong pulse color light to spot, tender skin, whitening, hair removal and design of professional protective glasses, and in the 200-2000 full wavelength range to achieve strong light suppression. IPL safety glasses using ergonomic design, suitable for Asian face shape, closed very well, the shape of fashion dynamic, the overall PC material, more lightweight, impact resistance, more durable, is the perfect combination of fashion and protection. Eagle pair IPL Safety glasses are protected by absorption. It has added a special wavelength of nano-material absorbent imported from Australia. Therefore, it has the following notable advantages: 1, no selectivity to the light source, you can safely protect a variety of diffuse reflection light, there is no selectivity to the incident angle of the light source, which can protect the laser and strong light of the specific band in all directions. 2, high attenuation rate, 3, the surface is not afraid of wear, even if there is scratches, does not affect the safety of light protection; 4, the light reaction is faster than 10-9 seconds. The 200-2000 photon can be effectively protected, which retains only a small part harmless light as physician to observe.

    Do not treat sunglasses as a photon beauty safety mirror, dangerous!

    The photon beauty technology spectrum is a continuous strong light spectrum, including visible light, i.e. color and ultraviolet light. So the photon beauty also known as strong light or color beauty, English abbreviation for IPL. By selecting a strong pulse spectrum strong light in a particular band, for example, to spot tender skin is usually used 560n 1200n strong pulse color light, and hair removal is used after 630nm strong pulse color light, select the abnormal blood vessels and pigment groups acting on the skin, through the light effect of the damage and gradually absorbed by the skin. At the same time, effective stimulation of collagen hyperplasia and get the effect of beauty. Through several cycles of treatment, it achieves thorough whitening and permanent scar-free hair removal.

    Strong pulse color light on the human eye damage is very big, because the intensity of color light is very high, and it is flashing, its harm is like in the high brightness continuous flash, the retina, choroidal will be seriously damaged; often in the strong pulse color light environment of people, such as not to protect the eyes, there will be eye acid, eye swelling, eye pain symptoms, the probability of cataract is very high. This is because strong pulse color light on the human eye damage is accumulated. In the color-light band, the damage caused by fundus macular is 10m and the irradiation time is only picosecond. The energy density of the general photon is between 100MW 200m. What a dangerous data!

    Because the general sunglasses can only partially or even can not attenuate the photon, not to mention the strong pulse color light to completely block. In the conduct of eyebrow, hair removal, beauty, body and other photon physiotherapy, strong pulse color high strength energy to the customer at any time the operator will cause harm. Therefore, the photon beauty at the same time must be equipped with professional photonic safety glasses, in order to avoid accidents, causing disputes.

    Protect your eyes from harm.
    Made of premium PC material, lightweight and easy to carry.
    No burden after wearing on.
    Red lens: anti laser.

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