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Painting Protective Mask Anti-Acid alkali Sandblasting caps Dustproof Labor Helmet Industrial Grinding Splash proof Safety Mask

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  • Description

    Product material:

    -PVC anti-acid and alkali coated cloth, curved window, wear-resistant lenses.
    Product Features:
    -The use of the rear air supply design, the internal compartment air supply, to prevent the cap inside the air beam jet, breathing smoothly, the key parts of the material (breathing valve) using silicone materials, with high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging characteristics, Effectively block dust sand, rust, organic gases and chemical liquids to enter.
    Applicable environment:
    -Shipbuilding, steel structure, cast iron, aluminum, steel and other industries dust, anti-acid and alkali operations.

    Package Included: 1x Face Mask

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