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Portable Nebulizer Handheld Ultrasonic mesh nebulizer Asthma Inhaler rechargeable for Adult Kid Health Care Antarestec PA19

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    If you’ve already used a mesh nebulizer, please proceed reading from here. If not, please jump to Description part, and read this Highlights part at last.


    You’re looking at the best mesh nebulizer on the market. Let me explain the reasons. We collected 1013 cases of failure reports and feedbacks from mesh nebulizer of different brands, and have following conclusions.

    1.     The functionality of the main unit is similar on the market, but the reliability is quite different.

    2.     The main problem of mesh nebulizer comes from the congestion of little holes on mesh. In order to maintain hygiene of the mesh, the user must clean it after every use, and this lead to another problem, water leaking due to defect of design in waterproof.

    3.     We’re trying to improve in both aspects. Firstly, we implemented IPX7 waterproof. This unique design lowers the defect rate of 29%. Secondly, we equipped adaptive frequency technology, to extend the lifetime of mesh. This lowers the defect rate of another 15%.

    4.     Meanwhile, we equipped an additional liquid cup (with mesh), to extend the life time of machine twice.

    5.     All things considered, the life time of our PA19 is about 3 times of the other competitors.



    • Waterproof , IPX7 Waterproof design.

    • Two Liquid cup, Liquid cup is a consumable accessory. It is recommended to change a new cup every 3-4 months, in order to maintain a high level of hygiene.

    •45 degree Tilt angle design, Low Medication Residue, minimize required waste (<0.1 ml), more efficient in drug delivery.

    • Only 3.2 oz, easy to put in your bag and take it anywhere.

    • Silent, lower than 29dB while working, as quiet as library. Patented ultrasonic mesh technology.

    • Minimalism design,Single-button operation.Suitable for both adults and children, comes with masks with two different sizes.

    • Fast treatment time. Automatically shut down after 10 minutes. Professional doctors recommend this to avoid edema after long-term treatment.

    • Embedded rechargeable battery, lower costs for long-term use. Fast charge within 1 hour, and can be used up to 6 treatments for a single charge.


    • Please do not use pure distilled water as no electrolyte can be atomized. Please use the mineral containing water, tap water, or saline, or add the liquid medicine.

    • Applicable to disease: Treatment of various disease of respiratory system, such as influenza, cough, sore throat, asthma, nasitis, bronchitis, bronchi, alveoli.

    What’s in the Box?

    • Antarestec PA-19 Pocket Air Mesh Nebulizer(complete set, with 1 cup installed on machine)

    •Extra Replacement Liquid Cup(Optional, it’s a different configuration but recommended)

    • Mouthpiece

    • Adult mask

    • Child mask

    • USB cable

    • Velvet bag


    • Nebulization Rate: >0.35 ml/min

    •Medication Cup Capacity: 8ml max

    •MMAD( Particle size): 1μm~5.0μm

    •Working Decibel:29dB

    •Auto-off: Automatic shut down after 10 minutes of use

    • Device Weight:Approx. 90g (including battery)




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